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Grenade Official Bounced From Lydia Jazmine’s Concert

Former Team No Sleep (TNS)) singer Deus Ndugwa alias Grenade Official was embarrassed when he was bounced at singer Lydia Jazmine’s concert.

Speaking to Galaxy FM, the “Nkuloga” singer vented out his frustration when he asked promoters to stop disrespecting artists.

Grenade explained how he and his team were bounced as they tried to access the venue.

He noted that by the time he turned up, it was his turn to take to the stage. Unfortunately, he was bounced since he was told to enter alone something he says couldn’t be possible.

He adds that he felt bad when he heard Jazmine perform their collaboration without him being present on stage.

“Dear promoters, please stop disrespecting musicians at concerts. You organize an artists’ show and again, you want to separate them from fellow artists. I was very embarrassed last night. I came with my people and I was told that I had to get access alone which is very impossible. I came when I was the next on stage but then I got very embarrassed. I and my team, we were chased and outside and when I heard Lydia singing our collaboration without me, I didn’t feel good at all”Grenade Official.

He further asked promoters to style up else artists would resort to organizing their concerts and stop suffering from such kinds of embarrassment.


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