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Hajjat Stecia Mayanja Is Being Bewitched By Haters – Kasuku on Stecia’s illness

Following a saddening clip that has since gone viral showing local singer Hajjat Stecia Mayanja fighting for her life while on Oxygen at Nakasero hospital, TV & Radio personality Kasuku has claimed that she is being bewitched by one of her haters.

“That is witchcraft. I know how witchcraft disturbs very well. I know it. There some individuals who are unhappy about her works. I know things concerning black magic and I know the science that is involved in witchcraft. I know the science of demons and I am a witch. There is someone who beefs and hates Stecia with her skits she acts”, Kasuku

Kasuku made the claims after interacting with Stecia Mayanja’s manager, Sir Lawrence A.L magic who disclosed to him that the video circulating is old.

Sir Lawrence A.L magic explained that Stecia Mayanja is apparently doing fairly though she is not yet fully back on her feet since she has been suffering severe headache that attacked her while shooting one of her movie episodes.

He went on to narrate that they have been often in and out of the hospital almost every after three days nursing a headache that has proven to be disturbing.

To Kasuku’s conclusion, he directly hinted how one of Stecia Mayanja’s haters could be seriously dealing with her in an African Traditional way.

Kasuku likened the incident to Bryan White’s scenario when he had issues with his stomach that saw him get admitted to Nakasero hospital.

He recalled that when every medicine the doctors gave him persisted, they contacted one Sheikh who prayed for Bryan White and healed completely.

Sir Lawrence went on to reveal that they have spent about a month at Nakasero hospital.


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