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Harmonize deletes ex-lovers tattoo name initials, changes letter ‘K’ to ‘Konde Gang’

Former Wasafi Classic Baby singer Harmonize has covered the tattoo name initial letter ‘K’ he got on his neck of his ex-lover Kajala Frida as he changed it to ‘Konde Gang’.

Early this year on February 14th, Harmonize and Kajala painted social media red as they had just hooked up one another in a fresh and lovely relationship.

Their love affair didn’t last more than two months and broke up after Kajala landed on Harmonize’s texts requesting to romp with her daughter, Paula.

The Bongo Flavor Movie actress then dumped Harmonize after feeling let down by her new catch.

While reacting to the heartbreak, the musician thought it wise to delete a tattoo he had spotted in honor of actress Kajala.

Harmonize had tatted his neck with the letter K, to represent his lover Kajala’s name, while Kajala hard inked herself the letter H on her neck to represent her boo Harmonize’s name.

No sooner had the couple’s breakup lasted a month than Harmonize changed his K on the neck to his own name Konde.

Tatoo ya Kajala imebadilishwa imekuwa “KondeGang” 😂😂😂

Jay Maudaku

Harmonize changed the tattoo while on a visit in Nigeria where he traveled to work on a number of collabos with several Naija musicians including Davido.

While in the West African country, Harmonize still got himself a tattoo of late Magufuli’s post on his leg.

However, it seems he was hooked to the ink’s pain so much that he decided to remix his earlier tattoo promoting his love for Kalaja.

While Harmonize may have his own reason why he changed the tattoo, many of his fans and other people concluded he was just trying as hard as he could to delete Kajala from his life.

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