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Hassan Ndugga parts ways with old management on return to home, shares prison experience in South Africa

Former Revival Band singer Hassan Ndugga has ditched his old management crew on return from South Africa where he was incarcerated for 40 days.

He ditched his old team over misunderstandings that involved money issues and signed a new team that is going to promote his new music.

He narrated how his old management crew wasn’t doing enough to push his works and brand to the next level adding the only stuff they cared about was money from him which was as well too little for all of them to feed on.

The “Mukama Ntikula Omugugu” singer also shared his experience about South African prisons.

He noted that the only challenge he faced during his forty days stay behind bars was the uncleanliness of fellow inmates who never used to shower at all.

Due to their refusal of taking showers, they would develop bad scents and body odors, those who would puff toxic substances.

The positive he loved about South African prisons is that they treat their inmates quite pretty well.

He stressed that they don’t sleep like those in Ugandan prisons adding that their feeding is way much better than the Ugandan style since a day they are served around 3 meals.

Talking about sleeping terms, he stressed that each person sleeps on a decker like boarding school students.

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