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He has never laid his hand on me – Margla Da Raggamuffin Gyal celebrates 4th marriage anniversary

Expectant veteran dancehall singer Maria Gladys Namuleme alias Magla Da Raggamuffin Gyal is celebrating her fourth marriage anniversary with her Mzungu lover, Eder.

The “Swagg” singer marked her 4th marriage anniversary with a sweet and kind worded short letter thanking her husband for making her forget all the tough days that she went through during the days she lived in Uganda.

She wrote stating if God could take them back to their wedding day, she would confess her undying love for Eder.

”Happy WEDDING ANNIVERSARY to me and to my Husband. Awww GOD IF you could take me Back to our WEDDING DAY…I just wanna say I LOVE YOU MY HUSBAND. webaale kunelabizaa nakku. 4years in marriage and we still counting may God continue to bless us …..BANANGE HE HAS LOVED ME AND STILL LOVES ME AND TREATS ME GOOD ….tankubangako yadde neka slap”,Margla Da RaggaMuffin Gyal
The couple will be welcoming their first child under marriage this year since Margla is baking a ban in her oven.
By the time Eder met Margla, she had already given birth to baby girl she named Else.
Cheers to your marriage anniversary Margla and Eder!


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