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He Will Cry – Gravity Omutujju Speaks Out On Battling Navio

For those eager to witness a music battle between rappers Gravity Omutujju and Navio, you will have to wait a little longer.

This follows Gravity Omutujju’s recent comments he made saying that he won’t be battling Navio anytime soon.

During the press conference at Lugogo Cricket Oval, Gravity stressed that if his battle with Navio happens to take place, Navio will just shed tears while on the stage.

Gravity further bragged that when he is on the stage, he is not food on a plate or a walk in the park as he usually unleashes his true colors that are rarely seen.

On that note, he added that he does not want to be charged with attempted murder for a fellow artist on stage.

He concluded by stating that if he is to battle Navio, the public must be ready to contribute condolences for his burial.

“He will cry. He can’t handle me. He should just chill the plans of holding a music battle with me. When I am on stage am totally different. Do you want the Police to charge me with attempted murder? So, My battle with Navio won’t happen unless you’re willing to contribute condolences for him”, Gravity

It should be recalled that about a week ago Navio came out and told the public that his management reached out to Gravity’s team requesting a battle.

However, Gravity’s team chickened out and that’s how he chilled but wished him the best of luck in his forthcoming concert.


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