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Hellen Lukoma expresses admiration for Sheilah Gashumba’s dress code

Singer and actress Hellen Lukoma has expressed admiration for media personality Sheilah Gashumba’s dress code.

She says she finds totally nothing wrong with socialite Sheilah Gashumba dressing up the way she feels though it most of the time attracts public attention.

Speaking in an interview, Hellen Lukoma disclosed how she is looking forward to a one-time dress half-naked similar to how Sheila recently turned up.

A couple of weeks ago, Sheila Gashumba grabbed headlines over an attire that was deemed indecent. The lingerie-like outfit was worn by Sheilah outdoors.

Fortunately, she wasn’t in Uganda and also wasn’t with her boyfriend Rickman but with fashionista Abryanz.

Many said that she will end up cheating on Rickman because of such outfits. However, in her defense, she said that as long as her boyfriend is secure about her, all those opinions don’t matter.

Hellen Lukoma thinks that Ugandans are so conservative and backward reasoning that it is why they find Sheilah’s outfits.

This is because according to her, Sheilah’s outfit was hot. And good enough, she wasn’t in Uganda where people make a lot of noise unnecessarily.

On top of that Sheilah hasn’t yet become a mother for those wondering how she will face her children.

In fact, the Bintu Bya Daddy singer said that she’s going to go to Sheilah’s Gash Luxe shop and buy herself one. The former NBS After 5 presenter was very pleased by the former Obsessions singer’s solidarity and pledged to deliver it herself.


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