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Hellen Lukoma unhappy with Ugandan Dj’s who want payment first to play local artists music

Singer Hellen Lukoma is unhappy with Ugandans DJs who request payment first to play local artists’ music.

The singer-cum-actress noted that many local DJs are obsessed with playing more international music than local artists’ music.

She says that Ugandan DJs only want to play local artists’ music after being paid something which she says is not good for the music industry.

Hellen Lukoma expressed her dismay about local DJs during an exclusive interview with NTV The Beat on Wednesday thereby sending a clear message to all Ugandan DJs to start supporting music from their own country.

Lukoma says the move leaves the careers of local musicians in the lion’s den leading to the slow growth of the industry.

Hellen Lukoma has henceforth cried out to Ugandan DJs to rather be patriotic instead of waiting to be first paid money so as to push local content yet sadly enough, no one pays them to play International Music.

I don’t know why most Ugandan DJ’s prefer playing international songs but can’t play ours with the same zeal. It’s actually surprising that when paid, they play your songs continuously as if international artist like Chris Brown pay them. Hellen Lukoma


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