Home Health Hospitalized Lil Pazo seeks financial support for treatment

Hospitalized Lil Pazo seeks financial support for treatment

Hospitalized Lunabe Entertainment boss Mukasa Yasin a.k.a Lil Pazo is in dire need of financial support from well-wishers to help him get treatment following successful surgery on his belly.

About two weeks ago, the singer was rushed to Bombo hospital after he was found with damaged intestines due to severe ulcers which caused the problem.

The “Emotooka” hit singer seeks Shs320,000 daily to get medicine for his treatment which is sold at Mulago hospital.

He says his wife who would help him buy medicine from Mulago hospital and take it to Bombo is also eight months pregnant.

He went on to ask for forgiveness from whoever he wronged and requested Balaam, Mama Fina, and other well-wishers to come to his rescue before it is too late.

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