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Hospitalized! Mathias Walukagga suffering from malaria and typhoid

Kyengera Town Council Mayor, Sir Mathias Walukagga is bedridden suffering from malaria and typhoid.

The “Katulepuke” singer opened up about his sickness during an interview on Sanyuka TV where he disclosed that he has been feeling weak for a couple of the past months.

He explained that he was rushed to the hospital on Sunday at around 7:30 pm as he was not feeling well after going 3-4 months while not feeling good.

He narrated that during that time frame, he has had constant headaches, stomachache, weak legs, and general body weakness, and at times he would medicate himself and get better for a few weeks then fall sick again.

It is till Sunday 8th November when he felt lifeless and was rushed to the hospital for better treatment. However, while being driven to the hospital, he was telling the driver uncoordinated stories of how he felt as if he was drowning in water due to feeling dizzy.

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