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How Chozen Blood and Jeff Kiwa Fight Erupted

Recording and performing artist Chozen Blood, legally known as Patrick Musaasizi has opened up about how he came about to have a fight with Jeff Kiwa.

He narrated that shortly after he ditched Jeff Kiwa’s Team No Sleep (TNS), they bumped into each other at a certain hangout.

During that night, one of his proteges severely went and insulted Jeff who was at a different table by pointing the middle finger at him.

This angered the talent manager and he charged at the Sharpshooter singer. In his mind, he thought it was the singer sending his affiliate to insult him.

Apparently, Jeff manhandled the singer but security was quick enough to separate them. And Jeff was thrown out. Chozen Blood on the other hand had grabbed a bottle and threw it at Jeff. Luckily, it missed hitting his ex-boss.

“There was a time I had just quit TNS, I met up with Jeff in a bar. Apparently, there was one guy in my crew who severally went and pointed the middle finger at him. This annoyed him and he thought it was me sending him. So he angrily and violently came and manhandled me. But security was quick enough and they took him out. Myself too, I had grabbed a bottle of Hennessy which I smashed but luckily for me and him, I missed,” the singer said.


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