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I always date the finest guys – Sheilah Gashumba


Socialite Sheilah Carol Gashumba has bragged that she always dates the finest guys in her life when it comes to relationships.

The pencil-thin media personality opened up about dating the finest guys as she replied to a question of how would she react if she learned that a close friend to her is hitting on her lover.

In response, Sheilah first stated that she would totally cut off her friend and completely end their friendship.

She then bragged that she finds it alright for her friends to fall for the love of her life since stressing that she always dates the finest guys.

She further noted that she can’t date a guy who fellow ladies don’t crush to.

It is okay for a friend of mine to like a guy that am dating because I always like the finest. So it is alright. I actually can’t be with a guy who people don’t want.

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