Home Gossip I am not going to get pregnant anytime soon – Sheilah Gashumba

I am not going to get pregnant anytime soon – Sheilah Gashumba

Popular media personality and socialite Sheilah Carol Gashumba has no plans of getting ballooned anytime soon.

Despite the 26-year-old TV presenter being a fanatic of the American singer Rihanna, she says her thoughts about getting pregnant are still far-fetched as she aims at achieving her goals in life and her focus is seeing how she gets them done.

The socialite who has in the recent past been linked and accused of romping with a host of different celebrities from Uganda and other nations states that Rihanna who is baking a ban in her oven makes her feel like getting pregnant right now.

She, however, maintains that getting pregnant will come in the near future after reaching her goals.

“I Love Rihanna and like right now she is making me feel to get pregnant but am not going to get pregnant anytime soon. I just love her style”, Sheilah Gashumba.

As of now, Rickman Manrick, born Derrick Ddungu, who is acting as her boyfriend, he should stand warned that Sheilah is not harboring any thoughts of giving him a child soon.


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