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I am single and not searching – Zari Hassan

South Africa-based Ugandan businesswoman Zari Hassan stunned her followers when she disclosed that she is single but not ready to mingle.

The Brooklyn City College CEO and Co-founder made the statement over the weekend as she was responding to a curious fan who reached out to her inquiring if she is still in a relationship with Dark Stallion.

Mama Tee Sorry to ask but for Now are single or Taken @ZaritheBosslady.

Fan posted

In a quicker rejoinder, Ms. Hassan replied stating that she is single and not ready to mingle.

@IamofficalAlanWar Single and Not searching


Her reply left many wondering whether she meant what she said or just wanted to discourage the fan from scrutinizing her love life.

Zari made the reply at a time she had put up photos while on Vacation with a caption that reads; “Work smart, not hard, live your best, worry less and believe you still deserve better in everything

In the recent past, the Mother of five has been insinuating that she is no longer dating Dark Stallion, the man she introduced to the world on February 14, 2021.

Zari unveiled the face of her new man on February 14, after months of keeping him away from the public eye. That was the first time, netizens were having a clear look at Zari’s “Dark Stallion” as all the previous photos had been captured strategically to hide his face.

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