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I Don’t Do Drugs – Femcee Keko apologizes over a video where she seemed out of sorts

Femcee Joycelyn Tracy Keko has come out to reveal that the last time she appeared on camera seeming out of sorts was just a prank.

The celebrated Ugandan rapper who relocated to Canada narrated that she was only celebrating her new apartment while sipping on her champagne but nothing serious was on the spot.

She further apologized to all those who thought she was out of sorts needing urgent help from health attendants.

She went on to stress that she is not doing drugs as many believed depending on her old account.

She is planning to hit the music ground running again very soon as she eyes releasing new music very anytime.

Like Nancy Reagan said we tell the kids Just Say No to drugs. I don’t do drugs contrary to popular belief the old account incident was me celebrating my new apartment with some champagne nothing serious I apologize again if I seemed out of sorts the view was too amazing. Love always xx, Keko Town



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