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I Don’t Miss Mr. Henrie At All – Prima Kardashi

Socialite and businesswoman Prima Kardashi has surprised Ugandans saying she doesn’t miss her recent ex-boyfriend, Mr. Henrie.

Prima Kardashi is a mother of two children she had with a singer Geosteady. Their relationship started getting worse as they had more fights and they both decides to move on with their lives and be in a relationship with people of their choice.

Geosteady went ahead to date a lady called Hindu beside another lady he fathered the child with. And Prima Kardashi with their two children moved on with radio presenter Mr. Henrie.

Geosteady his relationship wasn’t so much into media but for Prima and Mr. Henrie theirs was all over in the media because they were all famous people.

With the relationship being out in the media, so many opinions both positive and negative are said by fans and that easily destroys relationships. A few months ago, Prima decided to make it with her ex Geosteady for the sake of their children but as soon as she started that journey her relationship with Mr. Henry died in a blink of an eye.

The reasons for their break up were not clear. But just a few days after the breakup, Prima Kardashi and Geosteady started getting closer. First, it was about celebrating their daughter’s birthday but at the moment it’s beyond that. Geosteady and Prima Kardashi look to be officially together in terms of love because they were seen cuddling, and hugging each other in front of journalists.

When Prima Kardashi was asked about missing her recent ex-boyfriend Mr. Henry, her answers were chilling and very hard to believe. According to Prima, she doesn’t miss Mr. Henrie at all because once a relationship is over, her mind goes blank and all her memories get washed away.


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