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I eat and get eaten without my old lovers and friends – Prima Kardashi stings ex-lovers


City beautician Ndagire Prima Kardashi Samali threw shade to her ex-lover Geosteady and her former old friends that she fell out with saying that she eats and gets eaten even without them.

In a video on Tik Tok that is making rounds, Prima stresses that feared tough times before her bitter split from the father of her kids but surprisingly, her life is still normal and good than she expected.

Since it is now about a year ever since the two bitterly broke up over misunderstandings related to infidelity. Before the couple parted ways, they were blessed with two children that Mr. Henrie is currently taking good care of.

The Lusaniya queen is however grateful to the Almighty that life is still so good after all she eats and gets eaten like it previously used to be.

It’s almost a year ever since I got worried about some things, how I would survive without them; some old friends that I don’t even talk to anymore, some old lovers that I don’t even talk to anymore. I was like mwana, its getting to a year without such people in my life, I eat, I get eaten, I’m looking good, like nali nfaki? The moral of the story is life goes on even if one gets out of your life, you shouldn’t be stuck in toxic relationships.

Prima Kardashi

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