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I had feelings that you’ll make me happy and proud – Judith Heard’s twins turn 12

Miss Elite Uganda 2020 Judith Heard’s twins are now teenagers!

Her kids, Branda Jolie and Brianna Bella, just turned 13, and the city model celebrated their milestone birthday with a sweet Instagram post.

Going by the sweet and heartwarming words that Judith Heard jotted down, she expressed love for her twins saying she has never set her eyes on special queens like them before.

She furthermore elaborated that when she gave birth to her kids, she had a great feeling of relief that her children will forever make her happy and also feel proud of them.

The day you came into this world, I became the happiest mother on earth. I was not worried about how to take care of you because I intended to have a good story to serve as a lesson for you to face the challenges in this world.

You guys are amazing duo, and I have never set my eyes on special queens like you before; when I gave birth to you, I had a great feeling of relief that you will always make me happy and proud.

Happy Birthday to the world’s best twin girls. I am so proud to be your mommy!

Judith Heard

It should be recalled that Judith gave birth from the United States of America and upon return, she revealed to journalists that she underwent C-section 8 months after the doctors’ recommendation following the fact that one of the girls was facing upwards while the other was facing downwards.

The eight months clocked on March 13th – which also doubles as her birthday!

Happy birth Judith Heard and the twins!

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