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I play safe sex using rubber, I don’t need to test for HIV – Karole Kasita

Singer Karole Kasita doesn’t seem to find any reason why she should carry out an HIV/AIDS test.

According to the former S & S Band singer, she believes that she is safe since she doesn’t play live sex.

Listen, I usually don’t have that thing live. I always use rubber so I don’t see any need of testing for HIV because I have safe sex.

Karole Kasita

She opened up about her sexual life on Women’s Day as she was responding to a question as to whether she also tested for HIV during the sensation campaign that they had gone to carry out in the areas of Entebbe.

Karole Kasita was in the company of Judith Heard and Spice Diana as the trio reached out to women in Entebbe sensitizing them about community work, rape, and gender inequality.

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