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I sold off the V8 in order for people to stop feeling jealous of me – Catherine Kusasira

Singer Catherine Kusasira has disclosed that she sold off the Land Cruiser V8 Toyota vehicle that was gifted to her by the Head of State in order for people to stop feeling jealous of her.

Catherine Kusasira explained that she was forced to get rid of the V8 in order to have peace with the public reasoning that there was a section of people who would always feel jealous of her whenever they saw her cruise the car.

She further stressed that she did not get rid of the car because she was choking on debts as rumors had earlier been spread but maintained she took the decision to have peace and also bring an end to a section that was always envying her.

The “Si Dogo” singer went ahead to note that the car had brought her so many problems to an extent that she almost lost her life when angry people in the Kalaganla district attacked her and vandalized the car’s window screens.

She was saved by the fact that she had security who protected her until she left the district without being harmed.

She added that the car had begun getting regular mechanical faults and shared how sometime back she took the car to the garage for over a full month.

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