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I Used To Be Mocked That No Man Would Marry Me Because I Had Fallen Breasts: Apostle Sarah Bunjo’s inspiring love story

Apostle Sarah Bunjo, the wife of Apostle John Bunjo, has shared her inspiring love story of how she overcame the criticism she faced and found a loving and caring husband.

During an interview on NTV’s GXP show, Sarah Bunjo disclosed that before she found Apostle John Bunjo, people used to often mock her.

She dearly recalled how she was always told that she wouldn’t be able to find a loving partner because she had sagging/fallen breasts.

Not only did they stop at that, but they also went ahead to nickname her “secondhand” because she had at the time given birth to two children and all seemed like her life was destined for worse.

Her deep faith and trust in God, saw her life change when she believed and trusted God to bring give her a husband who would take care of her and her children in, Apostle John Bunjo.

Since then, her life has never been the same again and the couple is now married and will be celebrating 30 years together this December.

“At first, people used to tell me that no man would marry me because I already had two children, and that my breasts had already fallen. They used to call us ‘secondhand.’ But I buried myself in the Bible, and it answered me that when you are in Christ, all things are made new. It didn’t take me long to find my husband”, Apostle Sarah Bunjo

Apostle John Bunjo is the Director of Christian Restoration Ministries International. He is also Former Bishop of The Born Again in Kampala, and Father to the BunjoVille Music Collective.


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