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I want a husband who will be supportive to my music career – Aroma

Singer Aroma of Team No Sleep (TNS) recently disclosed the qualities of her ideal husband that she wants to spend the rest of her life.

The sexy and good-looking rising female singer noted that she wants a man who is representable among her friends and financially stable.

About the financial stability aspect that she wants from a man, she notes that he should be in a position to support her music career since she loves doing music.

The “Check Yo Lover” singer added that she also wants a man who will permit her to always wear skimpy outfits reasoning that she is allergic to long outfits.

She explains that long outfits make her feel uncomfortable maintaining that her husband should be free with her dress code at all times.

“I need a husband who has some money. He should be doing well financially. He should also be presentable to my friends in public. He should be supportive of my music career because that is more important to me.

And I think I can’t deal with someone who would like me to be a stay home mother or girlfriend and stop me from singing.

I hate someone who will also criticize my dress code because I love to deck on my skimpy outfit”, Aroma


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