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I was inspired by Sheebah to contruct my dream home – Eddy Yawe

Bobi Wine’s elder brother Eddy Yawe has disclosed that he was inspired by singer Sheebah Karungi to construct a storied house as his dream home.

Eddy Yawe opened up about his newly-built mansion saying he constructed such a huge house following challenge from Sheebah’s good-looking home.

The “Tukigale” singer made the revelation during an interview on NBS TV UnCut show after holding a mega house warming party that was attended by his family members and friends.

Eddy Yawe noted that he has so far spent around 6 to 8 years building his house adding that it was not meant to be a storied building but after seeing Sheebah’s house, he changed his plans and made it a storied building.

I have spent 6 to 8 years constructing this house. It wasn’t meant to be a storied building but because I was challenged by Sheebah, I made it a storied building

Eddy Yawe

Eddy Yawe’s house is one of the biggest houses in Uganda built by an ordinary citizen like him who has been doing music for quite a long time running some few businesses.

He disclosed that due to the health competetion they have in their family, also helped him want to construct a home better thatn that of his elder brother Chairman Fred Nyanzi.

He added that some of the finishing on his house was done by Nyanzi since he had failed to raise money for buying windows.

He further added the he chose to construct a big home because he has very many children.

It should be noted that Sheebah unveiled her house in 2019.

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