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I will give birth as soon as possible – Kabako’s wife Jazira Ddumuna promises online in-laws


Yusuf Ssenabulya alias Kabako’s newlywed wife Jazirah Namuddu alias Ddumuna has assured her online in-laws of how they won’t need to put her under pressure to give birth for Team No Sleep singer.

While speaking in an interview on NBS TV UnCut show, Jazira Namuddu explained that she first met Kabako at Dejavu bar and Lounge which was based in Kasanga after watching him pull off energetic stage performances.

She then fell for the singer. Luckily enough, Kabako had also already got attracted to her and the rest became history.

The two have been dating for about seven years while raising their 11-year-old daughter.

When she was asked what attracted her to fall for Kabaka, she swiftly replied how she deeply loved his energy and imagined her self in bed with the energetic singer.

Ddumuna went on to state that her love for energetic men made to dislike soft men reasoning that if she had got a soft man, he wouldn’t handle her.

I dislike soft men. As you see me as well, a soft man couldn’t handle me.

I will give birth as soon as possible because I know people like putting others under pressure. But in this case, I will be the one to put them under pressure by inviting you to my baby shower.

Jazirah Ddumuna

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