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I Will Quit Music After Holding A Concert – Shakira Shakiraa

Singer Shakira Shakiraa, born Shakira Kamulegeya Kyebalaba, revealed that her goal in the music industry is not to last forever.

The singer who has so far churned out a couple of songs including; TOUCH MY BODY, Lokomoti, and Bitwale among many others believes that the music industry is just for a short period of time.

Based to her plan that she bears at the moment, she says she will hang the mic when she holds a concert that will come later.

She said so explaining that she won’t be a performing artist for her entire lifetime stressing that she has other business projects to push forward with.

“Sigenda kuyimba lubeerera era olumala okukola ekivvulu nja kuba mmaze eby’okuyimba kubanga siteekateeka kusigala mu kisaawe ky’okuyimba yindasitule eno si ya kusigala mu lubeerera”, Shakira shakiraa

She also opened up about her life stressing that she went to the USA when she was just 17-years-old, studied and as well started working.

She is qualified medical personnel and when she is in the USA that is the work she does.


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