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I wish mum was alive to see how you make me happy – Rema to hubby Hamza

Former Gagamel Crew singer Rehemah Namakula alias Rema is super excited with the way how her husband Dr. Hamza Ssebunya treats her that she is always happy.

The mother of one who could not hold her excitement and joy of how her husband treats her, took to her social handles and publicly disclosed how she wishes her mum was alive to witness how much he makes her smile.

The “Siri Muyembe” singer went ahead to describe her hubby as “Sweet King” captioned with a photo of the two soaked in each others chest.

U make me wish my mama was alive to see how much you make her Kula happy💏 #sweetKing


Rema came out to pen down a lovely message for his lover on the back of rumors that she is rumored baking a bun in her oven.

Reports further reveal that she is about to give birth probably around the start of next year.

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