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If baby Rahma Pinky ever needs to talk to someone, am available – Sheebah

Former TNS singer Sheebah Samali Karungi for the first time had a word for her replacement Rahma Pinky who is currently being managed by Jeff Kiwa.

The “Nkwata Bulungi” singer opened up her hands and availed herself Rahma Pinky by stressing that if she ever feels like she needs to talk to someone, she is free to meet her.

“If baby girl (Rahma Pinky) ever needs to talk to someone, I am here”, Sheebah

Sheebah made the remarks as she cleared the air about speculations circulating that she could be at loggerheads with the new singer in town.

She further maintained that she is at peace with everyone in the music business as she continued to cool down the allegations in an interview with Sanyuka TV’s UnCut show presenter Kayz.

When asked what she thinks about Pinky coming up with songs where she sounded exactly like her, she responded by advising Pinky not to be put under pressure reasoning that she won’t manage to carry the heavy load she has carried all the years.

Sheebah further reasoned that Pinky sounded exactly like her because she left a lot of songs she had done with TNS in the studio and that is one of the reasons why Pinky rose to fame sounding like her.

“There is no record label that can depulicate sheebah. Am self made. Jeff met me when am called Sheebah. Let me ease the pressure off baby Pinky. She shouldn’t be compared with me. It will be a heavy load for her to carry”, Sheebah


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