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If Men Delay, I’ll Marry Myself – Leila Kayondo

Singer and recording artist Leila Kayondo has let the public know that she is very ready and willing to get hitched on her own if men delay asking for her hand in marriage.

The singer who has had/ been in different and several failed relationships made her next move in an affair known as she spoke to Galaxy TV in an interview with Mr. Henrie.

“If men delay, I’ll marry myself l think I have been in relationships for so long and I am ready for the next step,” – she said.

When asked whether she is currently in a relationship, she was hesitant as she couldn’t deny or confirm but stated that there is someone who is disturbing her peace.

She went on to note that she is ready to settle down as a grown-up woman and take care of the person who is serious about marrying her.

The publicly known affair that Leila Kayondo was involved in, was with city businessman tycoon SK Mbuga.

The two were reported to be dating but Leila denied the allegations. She asserted that they are only family friends who are always supporting each other.

When SK Mbuga got married, she wasn’t happy about it. She started complaining and also distanced herself from him.

Last year, she tried to expose SK Mbuga who had come back to her. He was going to her apartment and even sending her money yet he is still married.


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