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If you allow a man ‘inside’ you, you shouldn’t have trouble washing his underwear – Lucky Mbabazi

Renowned media personality Lucky Mbabazi is of the advise to all lovers out their that they shouldn’t find any challenge in washing each other’s under clothing when asked to help by any of the sex.

She reasons that if someone (Lady) allows a man to get ‘inside’ them, then there is nothing different they will find in washing their boxers.

For that case, she finds no solid reason as why a woman would complain about washing her lovers’ underwear.

“If you allow that man to be inside you, you can wash his underwear. What are you afraid of finding in the underwear?” She asked.

In the same spirit, she also called upon men to do the same stating that once they get ‘inside’ their lover’s, there is no different thing they will find in washing their partners’ knickers.
She even scoffed that those who say that they are afraid of contracting bacterial infections and diseases yet they are always happy when ‘inside’ their lovers.
Do you think Lucky Mbabazi’s point holds water?

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