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If you feel pity for Teddy Bugingo Naluswa go marry her – Kato Lubwama to Wisdom Kaye

Former Rubaga South legislator Kato Lubwama seems to be fed up of people who have turned it a habit to attack Pastor Aloysius Bugingo over his recent Kukyala ceremony where he visited Suzan Makula’s parents’ home in Kyebando.

While speaking to NBS TV, Kato Lubwama narrated that marriage is like prison and went on to state that there very many individuals who are in unhappy marriages but have decided to keep quite.

He added that if Bugingo decided to jump out of such a toxic relationship, it is his right to do what he wishes and advised people not to suffer or hold themselves as slaves in marriages that they don’t feel comfortable to be in.

Kato Lubwama added that having a holy matrimonial ring shouldn’t be a big deal because a ring is just a piece of metal that can be thrown away or get lost at anytime.

His aurgment is based that marriage should be a committement made between individuals from there hearts and gave an example of himself saying he has been in a relationship with his wife for over 30 years but they have no rings yet they are happily married.

If you’re feeling sorry for Teddy Bugingo Naluswa go marry her and give her company.

Kato Lubwama

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