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If you owe me money with evidence go to court – Bad Black responds to allegations of defaulting Shs2.5m

Shanitah Namuyimbwa alias Bad Black has responded to allegations of failing to clear a debt of Shs2.5m she accumulated when she hired a car from a dealer.

Through her socials, she has boldly told whoever is demanding her to go and file the case in courts of law with pinning evidence that she took the said property adding that allegations without supportive documents don’t make sense.

She further warned that if she is dealing with a money lender or company in any deal, they must make sure that it’s legal with a written agreement otherwise this business of alleging stories about her, will end up suing some people.

She also noted that if someone is demanding her and exposes her to the media, they should get to know that their payment is complete.

I will never hide mwendi mu Kampala…If you owe me money and You have enough evidence kindly go to court I will come those empty words without supportive documents doesn’t make sense: if Your money leader or company deal in anything make sure it’s legal and you have an agreement between me and You otherwise I will sue you. Banange musome amataka

Bad Black


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