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I’ll never forgive Mariachi unless he apologizes to me – MC Kapale vows

Renown local comedian MC Kapale has sworn he will never forgive fellow comedian MC Mariachi unless he publicly apologizes to him.

MC Kapale made the vow during an interview as he explained why he didn’t attend MC Mariachi’s father’s burial ceremony that took place on Tuesday afternoon.

He stated that he didn’t attend MC Mariachi’s dad’s burial because the latter didn’t also attend his mother’s burial when she passed on.

When my mother breathed her last, MC Mariachi didn’t attend her burial so I also had to revenge on him by not attending his father’s burial so that he could also feel how it hurts.

MC Kapale

On that note, he also shared that if MC Mariachi doesn’t apologize to him with two cows and 4 chicken, he will never forgive him according to what he did to him.

I’m his father in this comedy industry and he has to look for me and apologize. He should also come along with two cows and four chickens and if he fails to apologize I will never forgive until I die.

MC Kapale


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