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I’m going to secure Rema Namakula a collaboration with Beyonce – Kayemba Geofrey Ssolo

Beyoncé performs at Coachella in 2

Renown talent manager and Bukomasimbi South constituency MP Kayemba Geofrey Ssolo has dropped a hint that he is going to secure singer Rema Namakula collaborations with international artist such as Beyonce.

Kayemba Geofrey Ssolo opened up about his new plans for his artist Rema as he was trashing speculations that he had been making rounds that he was fired by the singer ever since he was elected as a lawmaker in the 11th parliament.

Kayemba Geofrey Ssolo also elaborated that his work relationship with Rema is based on a partnership stating that none of them is the boss of the other.

To furthermore clear the allegations, manager Kayemba Ssolo stressed that when he finishes to secure Rema collaboration with Beyonce, he will then hunt for collabos with Rihana and Shakira in efforts to elevate Rema’s music status.

First of all, who fired who? Do you think Rema can a full honorable? That is impossible.

By the way, we are partners in this music business and none of us is a boss of the other and we will continue to work together all the way.

You see she did a song with a Nigerian artist (Chike). Since am now done with swearing-in, I am going to America to look for Beyonce to do a song with Rema.

When we get done with her, I will also look out for Rihana, Shakira, and her level will definitely elevate because her manager is now a member of parliament.

Manager Kayemba Geofrey Ssolo

He also added his voice to other artists, events promoters, and managers to call for a lift on the ban on bars and concerts so that artists can resume to work.


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