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Iraqi singer Monica Sliwa opens up about her struggles in life on “Confessions”

Iraqi singer and songwriter Monica Sliwa has opened up about her life struggles and challenges in her latest song dubbed “Confessions”.

On Confessions, Monica Sliwa shares her deep inner feelings and the lifestyle she has lived for a couple of the past years.

She expresses how she has been battling and fighting her own challenges for several years to survive and find a breakthrough to the top ranks.

Monica Sliwa goes on to note that music is her best way and only avenue that she finds suitable to stay stress free.

She adds that Improvising is her kind of therapy and the new instrumental song talks about her current state of mind. No lyrics, just feelings.

The song was written and produced by herself. She picked the inspiration to write the song through the hardships she went through. And whenever she gets into the feelings, she grabs her guitar and starts making sound.

Monica Sliwa is an Iraqi singer and songwriter who is based in San Diego, California.

Check out the song below;

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