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Irene Namubiru Opens Up About Her Undying Love For Azawi’s Style of Music

Singer Irene Namubiru opened up about her undying love for Swangz Avenue singer Azawi’s style and nature of music.

The veteran songbird stated that if Azawi was her age, they would be good friends because she would have loved to associate with musicians like her.

Azawi has been in the music industry for less than five years. However, she has done more than some musicians who have been in the industry for ten years.

She has released two albums with very unique kind of music. She has also had two successful concerts something some musicians have feared to do

Different people have come out to appreciate her for her talent. Irene Namubiru is one of the people who has said Azawi is exceptional.

The singer is versatile, she writes her own songs and she easily composes a song no matter any artiste she is collaborating with.

According to Irene Namubiru, for now, her focus is on other things. Artists like Azawi need space and support from bigger musicians to reach levels they never reached.

“If it were back in the days, Azawi is someone I would love to associate with; I love her style of music,” Azawi said.

It should be noted that Azawi said that it is very hard for her to collaborate with women.

The singer revealed that men are not complicated and they always give it their all when they get to the studio. This is unlike women who are unpredictable.


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