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Isaiah Katumwa opens up on when media outlets refused to play his jazz music album

While appearing on NBS TV After5 show, celebrated jazz musician and saxophonist, Isaiah Katumwa narrated how at a certain point in his music career local radio stations rejected to play his music on the airwaves.

Isaiah Katumwa elaborated that during 2007 when he had just returned to Uganda, he took his sixth music album to some local media outlets to play his songs but to his surprise, the stations rejected his music.

He further explained that the reason they gave him for rejecting his music was that they had no category for Jazz on their music schedules.

The excuse they gave him left him uncontended but had nothing to do just to offer a few presenters with copies of his music album as many had requested him.

Eventually, some media outlets started playing his music like Sanyu FM which he gives much credit for welcoming his art.

What is interesting, when I took my jazz album to radio stations in 2007, all radios refused to play saying they don’t have a category for jazz music. Surprisingly, presenters were asking me to leave them with a copy of the album at least.

Remember, that was my sixth album. I give so much credit to Sanyu FM, Power FM, and Radio One because they eventually played my music and then picked up.

Isaiah Katumwa


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