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It’s heartbreaking when a man denies a lady’s pregnancy – Cindy Sanyu

Heavily pregnant dancehall star singer Cinderella Sanyu Muyonjo a.k.a Cindy Sanyu says it is heartbreaking for a man to deny a lady’s pregnancy.

The Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) president spoke her mind as she was sharing ideas about fellow singer Grace Khan’s situation where the person she believes to be responsible for her unborn baby denied her pregnancy.

Cindy Sanyu imagined that if she was in Grace Khan’s situation she would would have felt burdened and heavily heartbroken reasoning that during such times, ladies usually need a lot of care and people around them.

“It’s unfortunate and a really sad thing. It’s really sad for a man to deny a lady’s pregnancy. I think if it was me in the same situation, it would burden and cause me a heavy heartbreak. During pregnancy, you need a lot of care and people being there for you.”

She further explained that only imagining that the person responsible for a pregnancy is not around hurts a lot and thereafter consoled Grace Khan to stay strong giving an example of her mum how she single handedly managed to raise six girls without a dad.

Cindy Sanyu went ahead to comfort Khan noting that giving birth to a baby is very beautiful adding that when she overcomes that situation, she will feel happy and relaxed.

She on the other hand, called upon the supposed baby daddy to be there for the baby even though the two don’t reconcile but just to make sure that the baby gets to know that she has loving and caring parents.

Imaging the person responsible for the pregnancy is not around hurts a lot. A baby is a very beautiful thing. When she gives birth, she will be very happy and her heart will cool down.


With time she will be very okay because she will get strong and used to being a single parent.


The guy should first return just for the baby to be there so that the child grows knowing she has loving parents even though the two don’t reconcile.

Cindy Sanyu

Cindy Sanyu made the comments during an interview on NBS TV’s UnCut show.

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