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It’s time we come out – Spice Diana confesses feelings for Nince Henry

Source Management singer Hajara Namukwaya alias Spice Diana has publicly confessed feelings for fellow singer and songwriter Nince Henry.

Going by a post on her social media account, Spice Diana has revealed that they have always kept their affection in the dark for a long time and now she feels she can’t handle it anymore as it is turning out to be painful to her side.

She went ahead and boldly told Nince Henry to stop hiding adding that the time is now or never.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! We have kept this in the dark for long and it’s painful. I have a family that needs to know. Even my fans would like to know where I stand in this regard Henry.

Yes. Nince Henry It’s time we come out. It’s now or never. I am tired. Byebyo ❤️

Spice Diana

Basing on Spice Diana’s post, we hope we are about to start seeing the two displaying photos while together as well as decked in matching outfits.

For now, we keep our fingers crossed as we watch the space.


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