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Its Unhealthy For Sheebah’s Music Career To Work With Me On A Collaboration – Cindy Sanyu

It will have to take ages or a miracle seeing dancehall singer Cindy Sanyu and Sheebah Karungi hitting the studio recording booth to collaborate on the same song.

Despite the hard work that Sheebah Karungi has invested in her music career for the past 10 plus so years, Cindy Sanyu still feels Sheebah is unfit to work with her on a music project.

Cindy Sanyu let the world know that she can’t work on a collaboration with Sheebah during the artists debate that was conducted last night at Victoria University ahead of their looming battle that will be held on Friday 15th September at Kololo Independence grounds.

Midway through the debate, the moderator Zambaali Brasio asked Sheebah and Cindy if they ever imagined themselves collaborating on a music project.

In Sheebah’s response, she revealed that she is uncertain if Cindy would join efforts to work on a song with a person she has over the years deemed untalented.

She might need the collaboration, but she must stand her word,Sheebah added

Cindy, on the other hand, emphasised that it is difficult due to the amount of talent she possesses, which could lead to an unbalanced collaboration and negatively impact Sheebah’s career.


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