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I’ve 18 children but I want to give birth to 30, I’m remaining with 12 to go – Emmanuel Lwasa

Masaka city tycoon Emmanuel Lwasa Kaweesi has revealed that he is looking forward to having about 30 children in his lifetime and family.

The city tycoon who recently made headlines following his breakup with BBS Telefayina presenter Dianah Nabatanzi opened up about his plans of having 30 children during a TV interview on Bukedde.

He explained how he currently has 18 children adding that he is remaining with only 12 more children to achieve his goal.

He further added that his new wife Angle Kawunda gave him the green light to hook up other women if she won’t be able to meet to her goal.

When asked to give a comment about Nabatanzi, Lwasa noted that if the dead dream while in their graves, he will have nightmares about Nabatanzi in his grave.


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