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I’ve a trending new song, she has a new song but where is it? – Karole Kasita mocks Cindy Sanyu

Former S & S band singer Karole Kasita has cheekily mocked fellow singer Cindy Sanyu in one of the simplest ways.

While appearing on Galaxy FM’s Big Bang show, Karole Kasita hinted at how she currently has a new song that is toppling charts and receiving airplay at all stations.

In her submission, she went ahead to state that Cindy Sanyu as well her a new song but wondered where it is since it is hardly played on any station.

“At the moment, I have a new song that’s topping chats, @cindysanyu also has a new song, where is it?” – karole kasita

On top of her statement, she went ahead to stress that Cindy Sanyu should stop reminding them that she is a great musician because they’re aware of her talent.

“cindy sanyu doesn’t have to remind us that she’s a great artist, we know it” – karole kasita

The mother of one noted that is totally uncalled for her to behave the way she is behaving.


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