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I’ve never practiced prostitution in the US, I am a qualified nurse – Shakira Shakiraa clears the air

Black Market Records singer Shakira Shakiraa has trashed rumors claiming that while she is in the USA, she practices prostitution as a way to earn living.

Speaking in an interview on Spark TV, Shakira Shakiraa cleared her name from the prostitution allegations stating that she works as a nurse while in the USA adding that she has a degree in that field.

She went on to stress that it is actually very hard for someone to travel to the USA to work as a prostitute saying life in the USA requires very hardworking people.

When asked whether she is dating, Shakira Shakiraa replied positively saying that her lover is not based here.

No, no, no. I don’t practice prostitution in the US. I am a registered and full-time nurse. In fact, while overseas, I stay with my parents. And one thing about the USA in particular, you can’t go there that you have gone to practice prostitution.

I don’t know about other countries, but in the USA you have to work. Actually, it taught me how to work because I left Uganda when I was still a young child. Doing nursing is a profession in which I acquired a degree and you can’t take it away unless when my lincess expires and then I renew it. Singing is a talent which I can do then return to my job

Shakira Shakiraa


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