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I’ve to marry Nakazibwe, If she turns me down, she will remain single – Isma Olaxess

Renown popular blogger Isma Olaxess has warned Justine Nameere to back off his crush and NTV Mwasuze Mutya host Faridah Nakazibwe if she wants peace with him.

In a video clip making rounds on social media, Isma is clearly heard stating how he is the only one who will marry Nakazibwe though he is not well-off compared to men out there who hit on her.

He is also seen bragging how he forced Bruno K to back off Nakazibwe till he returned to the studio to compose and release new music and this was proved in one of a recent clip where he was lauding Bruno for having produced a new good song.

He went ahead to threaten that he is ready to take down whoever dares to try to snatch Nakazibwe away from him that he will fight to the last hour.

The most amazing part of his speech was when he swore that no one will take Nakazibwe apart from him and if she ever tries to deny him the chance, she will forever remain a single mother.

Justine Nameere back off Faridah Nakazibwe. I’ve to marry that woman even though am not a well-off man. So in that way, I’ve to be tough against anyone who comes out to attack her.

You see even Bruno K returned to the studio and I promise I will take down whoever dares to steal Faridah away from me. If she ever tries to ditch me, I swear, she will forever remain single.

Yes, No one will take Faridah away from me. I repeat, No one! Even herself knows. I told Faridah I am not romantic. I don’t know those things about taking someone to date.

Isma Olaxes


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