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Jese won’t ever talk if you don’t apologize to me – Ritah Kagwa to Bad Black

Renown blogger Ritah Kagwa has wagged war upon Bad Black saying her child Jese won’t ever talk and Majo won’t walk until she apologizes to her.

Ritah Kagwa made the vow via her Snapchat account stating that she is the only person who has the medicine that can help Bad Black’s children to overcome their difficulties in speaking and walking.

She also boldly told Bad Black to keep the screenshot of her statement saying that Donna Ntongo won’t ever give birth again till she apologizes to her.

What am saying nze alina edagala okwogeza omwana wo!

Ritah Kagwa

Ritah Kagwa and Bad Black have for long been at loggerheads for some time and there war seems to be far from over as read this.

For now we will keep you posted when Bad Black responds to Ritah Kagwa as the exchange of words heats up.


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