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Kabako will never get another woman apart from me – Jazirah Ddumuna

Singer Roden Y Kabako’s wife Jazirah Namuddu alias Ddumuna swore that his husband will never ever get another woman apart from her.

Jazirah Ddumuna assured the public through an interview during her introduction ceremony in Mpigi that her husband will not get the guts to have someone else in his life.

She made the statement as she was responding to a question regarding to the rule in the Islamic religion that permits men to have four wives.

She added that among the things she has done for Kabako it will be very impossible for him to get another woman in his life as along as she is still alive.

During the interview, Ddumuna halted journalists from taking more interviews from her as she was eagerly waiting to meet her husband after spending two weeks without seeing each other face-to-face.

So for those who thought that Kabako’s relationship with Ddumuna started in tears and will also end in tears, you will have to take a chill pill.

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