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Karole Kasita reveals she lost her virginity in S.6 vacation

Dancehall singer Karole Kasita has opened up about her sexual and love life disclosing that she lost her virginity during her Senior six vacation.

The “Balance” singer narrated that she started eloping with men when she got mature and that was during her form six vacation holidays.

She explained that during the rest of her high school she did not indulge in sexual acts despite having a boyfriend.

She expressed her gratefulness to her former boyfriend for being patient enough with her to the extent that she had to first mature and then serve out her honeypot to him.

Karole Kasita opened up while being hosted on Galaxy FM’s hot seat, stressing that she most of the time just cuddled with her boyfriend in high school.

The singer has henceforth advised fellow women and girls out there to be patient with men and stop being materialistic for the good of their lives.

My boyfriend never ate stuff with me while we were in high school not until when I was big enough to eat stuff with him. My goat left the pole in my senior six vacations, despite having a boyfriend all that time, he could only advise me and stop at cuddling me. I’m advising girls, you can have a boyfriend who can provide you with everything minus taking you to bed.

Karole Kasita

Karole Kasita has recently been in different relationships and to date, no one knows who exactly is she dating as she has been linked to a couple of different men. 

Meanwhile, several of her fans are still asking their singer to give birth to a child so that she doesn’t clock into the fourth floor (age 40) without having a kid. 

However, we are yet to get a response from her about the fans’ request but we will keep you in the know once she replies.

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