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Kasuku threatens legal action against use of his content without authorization

Isaac Daniel Katende a.k.a Kasuku

Media personality and YouTube content creator, Isaac Daniel Katende, commonly known as Kasuku, has threatened to take legal action against TikTokers, Facebook bloggers who keep using his content without permission saying he is compiling a lawsuit.

While addressing the issue in a live Facebook stream, the loud-mouthed public figure first threatened to strike all bloggers who use his content without consent as a sample before taking legal action.

Kasuku is a media personality and a YouTuber who is not so happy with people using his content without permission yet he struggles and invests a lot of time while compiling it.

On TikTok, several accounts use the content for challenges and to create other hilarious skits. Others have continued to lift the entire show to their pages.

Kasuku noted that he has been closely following the pages on social media that lifted his shows and used them without his consent.

“I have been watching you all closely, I am closely following. You lift my videos in whole and use them on your TikTok accounts. One day, around December – before this year ends, I will take action and demand my copyright”, Kasuku.

This is not the first time that Kasuku has hinted at taking this direction as he has often declared to do so. He threatened that come December that is when he would be revealing his true colors to all those using his content without permission.

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What do people using his content need to do? 

  1. They will need to seek permission from him before using his content on their TikTok channels or other accounts to stay safe from being struck.
  2. They should either quit using content to stay out of trouble and keep their channels safe since it is not easy to amass numbers on social media streaming Apps.