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Khuco Robins Kyess accuses Jeff Kiwa’s new signee Rahmah Pinky of plagiarizing her ‘Super Star’ song

Nkuba Kyekyo identified as Gloria Morgan Kyeswa alias Khuco Robins Kyess has put Jeff Kiwa’s new signee Rahmah Pinky on the spot for plagiarizing her song dubbed “Super Star”.

Khuco Robins Kyess claims that she recorded the song in 2019 at Producer Nick Pro’s Divine Studio, located in Kireka before she left the country to head to Dubai where she is currently working as a shop attended at a gift shop.

She narrated that she crossed paths with her song after she saw Sheilah Gashumba post it on her social media accounts while praising the new youngster saying she is destined for great heights in the showbiz industry.

Having listened to the song carefully and word-for-word, she found the song matching hers and was left wondering why they had to plagiarize her song that she has ever performed at several events around Kampala.

Khuco Robins Kyess went on to stress that she tried to reach out to Sheilah through her inbox on social media but she was ignored thus looked for means to express her dismay in Jeff Kiwa and her new signee Rahmah Pinky through contacting Mat Tee who shared the information via his YouTube channel and Facebook.

Khuco Robins Kyess who seemed bitter about plagiarizing her song, noted that she did not make the alarm seeking for sympathy or to be paid for her works but sending a warning to Jeff Kiwa and the team to stop using other peoples content without authorization.

She added that even though Jeff Kiwa and the crew plan to compensate her, she is not interested since she makes her own money stressing that compensation of Shs6m is too little for someone to use another person’s talent and creativity for own benefits without permission.

Below is the full interview as Mat Tee conducted it with Khuco Robins Kyess. Take a gaze.

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