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King Saha Claims Brian Mulondo Puffs Toxic Substances

Hope you all remember when KFM presenter Brian Mulondo called out KingsLove Entertainment singer Mansor Ssemanda alias King Saha to use chewing gum after puffing weed in one of his radio morning shows.

At that time, King Saha had little to say or respond to Brian Mulondo’s claims as he only stated that whatever Mr. Mulondo had commented about him was ‘planned propaganda’.

We all know that King Saha is gearing toward his forthcoming “Ebiseera Ebyo” concert slated to take place on Friday 8th December at Hotel Africana.

Speaking in an interview on the Vybe Life YouTube channel hosted by Jenkins Mukassa, King Saha took time to respond to Brian Mulondo’s attack where he asked him to always chew gum when he is done puffing weed.

”At first, when I heard Brian Mulondo saying I chew a lot, I thought I was chewing Mondia whitei roots (mulondo) so much. He told me to get chewing gum. But those boys who took long in UPE schools. Okay, then I decided to buy chewing gum. Now, I implore Mulondo to start manufacturing chewing gum because I like gum so much. I think he should establish a company he should name “Mulondo Xtra’s Refreshers”.

King Saha went ahead to claim that Brian Mulondo should focus on bettering the people close to him and also use his voice to fight for the voiceless since they are suffering in ways that he thinks he clearly knows very well.

King Saha also added that Mulondo smokes Kaquiri reasoning that it is the reason why his lips usually look like they are shivering.

As of now, we are waiting to hear from Brian Mulondo to dispel the allegations that King Saha has accused him concerning smoking kaquiri.


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