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King Saha Throws Dig at Bebe Cool, Swears Allegiance To Cindy Sanyu (Video)

Kings Love Entertainment singer Mansur Semanda alias King Saha reignited his beef with singer Moses Ssali alias Bebe Cool.

While performing at the Nyash Festival, King Saha took a subtle jab at Bebe Cool as he scoffed at him thus sparking wild cheers from the audience.

The digs King Saha took against Bebe Cool seemed as if he was mocking him as he stressed that others are busy working whereas he is busy sleeping and snoring in his bed.

On the other hand, he praised Cindy Sanyu as he pledged allegiance for her saying he will always be there for her.

King Saha’s praise for Cindy Sanyu comes just a few days after he was appointed the acting Vice President of the Uganda Musicians Association (UMA).

We are not certain why King Saha had to throw shed at Bebe Cool and praise Cindy Sanyu yet in the previous UMA elections, King Saha and Cindy Sanyu were not seeing eye-to-eye as Bebe Cool backed Cindy Sanyu while decamping King Saha.

Since over time

King Saha and Bebe Cool have been at loggerheads, we wait to see how this will end.



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